10 Important Contact Lens Guidelines

Wearing a contact lens can change your look and life. They not only change the way you look or your external appearance but help correct vision. Today in the US there are over 24 million people using contact lenses. You can decide whether or not a contact lens is for you by consulting an eye doctor and getting your eyes checked for vision and other problems. Before you take a final decision and decide of wearing contact lenses you need to find out whether your eye type will adapt to lenses and whether you have the discipline to follow the prescribed guidelines for wear, disinfecting, and cleaning of lenses.

In general wearing contact lenses can help correction of myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism or distorted vision, and presbyopia or bi-focal vision. Before you decide on buying contact lenses you must:

1. Consult a doctor and find out whether you are a suitable candidate for wearing contact lenses. Get all the essential tests done.

2. Learn all you can about contact lenses, the types, eye care, and lens care.

3. Surf the net and update your knowledge on the costs of lenses, types, and qualities available.

4. Follow the doctor’s recommendations when buying a lens and learn how to wear a lens at the doctor’s office.

5. Follow to a ‘t’ the lens wearing schedule and care instructions.

6. Always wear the lenses before applying make up. Wash hands thoroughly before handling the lenses. Soap, creams, and make up can be detrimental to the lenses. Always remove the lenses before you remove your make up.

7. Learn all about lens care. Contact lenses must be cleaned and disinfected to prevent eye infections and build up of protein and lipid deposits.

8. Never buy over the counter eye drops in case of any eye irritations or allergies. In case you experience any redness, pain or swelling immediately contact the doctor or your eyes could be in serious danger. Many eye drops interact with lenses so never use drops without consulting a doctor.

9. Create a lens replacement schedule and follow instructions given by the doctor carefully. Never try and over use soft lenses or sterilize them. Similarly damaged lenses should not be used and must be immediately replaced.

10. Never buy sub-standard contact lenses or cleaning solutions. Remember eye sight is irreplaceable and can be damaged, so only buy established brands.

The World Wide Web is a wonderful source of information on contact lenses. Surf the net and read through the many in depth articles written by experts. Always follow stringent standards when it comes to eye care after all the gift of sight is important to life.

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