4 Serious Contact Lenses Problems

A large number in the total population of people with eyesight problem are wearing contact lenses to correct their vision. A lot of people are choosing to wear contact lenses instead of prescription glasses because it is more convenient than wearing eyeglasses that can fall off your nose. However, there are serious problems that cause discomfort to the person and could damage his or her eyesight in the future.

This type of eyewear is highly preferred by people who are into sports and active lifestyle wherein eyeglasses can be a hindrance in the proper performance of the activities. However, it can also incur problems to the person.

Here are the four main problems that are likely to occur:

1. Poor Lens Fit:

Tight or loose fitting lens can be harmful to the person. Tight lens may be comfortable at first but will soon be uncomfortable over a period of time. Moreover, a person may develop tights lens syndrome. Loosely fit contact lenses may cause variations in vision.

2. Poor lens care:

Improper lens care may yield to the accumulation of protein and lipid deposits in the lens that can cause damage to the cornea and visual acuity. Bacteria, fungi and other pathogens may grow and live in the lens and may cause irritation to the wearer and infections in the eye may occur.

3. Damage on the lens:

Contact lenses may have damage or spoilage. This is more common to soft lenses than rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. Tears, chips, cracks and other damage on the lenses may occur due to improper handling of the lens that can cause irritation to the eye’s cornea.

Moreover, any damage on the cornea can be a risk for colonization of bacteria or pathogen and will yield to the development of eye diseases and disorders such as conjunctivitis and keratitis. Improper cleaning and rinsing it with hot water will cause difficulty in correcting refractive errors in the eyes.

4. Dry lens:

Staring and reduced blinking rate may be common for people who wear contact lenses. However, this will caused the drying of the surface of the contact lenses and deposits and articulate matter will formed on the surface, which may lead to corneal hypoxia. This is a convenient eyewear for some people. However, it may also pose some risks to the wearer that may be harmful to one’s health. A person must understand that contact lenses can make people suffer from eyesight and vision problems.