415 Words on Managing and Wearing Your Contact Lenses

Anyone who has used contact lenses before will tell you that using contacts can be a bit of a challenge. If you have not used contacts before then initially you will have to contend with uncontainable blinking and immense frustration while inserting them in the eyes. The good news is that with a bit of practice, wearing lenses get a lot more bearable.

If you are using disposable lenses then it’s important to not overuse them as it could cause eye infection and host of other eye related problems. If you are using contacts that are meant to be used over a number of weeks or months then make sure you sterilize the lenses after use and to always properly keep them in their air-tight cases. If the instructions suggest that you clean the lenses with a special protein liquid, then it’s a good idea to follow that advice as it will greatly stretch the life of the lenses.

If you are a frequent contact lens wearer then get your eye doctor’s take on how long a pair of lenses should be used and ask him for any further tips and suggestions on maintenance. The doctor may even ask you to change your lenses a bit more frequently as compared to what has been suggested on the packing – this is usually the case if the wearer has sensitive eyes.

A few words of caution: (A) always wash your hands properly before handling your lenses, (B) before wearing the lens properly examine it for scratches etc by placing it on the tip of your index finger (facing upward), (C) the most difficult part of wearing lenses is popping them into your eyes – best way is to hold the lens on the tip of your index finger (facing upward off course), use your middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid and use your other hand to pull up the upper eye-lid and then gently place the lens in your eye. Once in place, gently let go of your eyelids and blink a few times until the lens feel comfortable. If the lens is a bit off then simply close your eye and gently rub your eyelid until the lens is in its proper place. It’s also pivotal to be skilled at removing the lens without damaging them – the best method is to look up and gently slide the lens off by pinching at it. Be sure not to use your finger nails as that would scratch/tear the lens.

Dom Donaldson is a published writer. Find out more about contact lens care and the services offered from Lenstore.