5 Methods to Prolong the Lifetime of Contact Lens

It has been revealed that every year thousands of youngsters in America become blind due to improper application of contact lens. To combat this severe phenomenon, there are seven methods to extent the period of contact lens use.

1. Knead your lens with hands often.

Recent research concluded that kneading lens with hands is much more effective than through other machines or care solutions in getting rid of impurity and precipitates. It is suggested by some ophthalmologists that contact lens should be kneaded for at least thirty seconds for each time.

2. Replace contact lenses every one or two years.

Even if you wear contact lens less often, the material of the lens will be aged in one or two years’ time. For that reason, you must replace with a new pair to avoid harm to your eyes.

3. Keep the lens off physiological brine.

The physiological brine is absent from sterilization. If physiological brine is turned to protect contact lens, the bacteria will breed quickly. As a result, your lens will be contaminated.

4. Be sure to use the same type of care solution.

Care solutions of different brands may consist of different medical ingredients, so when you change the brand of the solution, the contact lens can be easily damaged.

5. Avoid ill-using rewetting drops.

Plenty of people despise rewetting drops nowadays. Every time they feel uncomfortable with their eyes, so they tend to drop some rewetting drops in the eyes. They hold that the more rewetting drops, the more benefits to the eyes. Actually, ill-using rewetting drops would do great harm to the cornea.

Take those who have to face computer screen for a long time as an example. Generally speaking, their eyes will tend to be dry or get tired. The rewetting drops are used for killing bacteria and virus but cannot tackle the problem of long-time over-using eyes.

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