7 Easy Steps How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses (Color Contacts and Normal)

You have now bought yourself contact lenses (color contacts or normal, since these steps are the same for both) or maybe you are just checking how this is done beforehand and now you are wondering how to put them on. It’s a good that you decided to find out a guide and not just try to put them somehow on because you could hurt your eyes and ruin your new contact lenses. It might feel little scary at first, but if you follow these steps, there should be nothing to worry and this will become easier the more you insert and remove your contacts. Before you start, few things to notice:

– Wash and dry especially your hands and preferably face too to make sure that your contact lenses won’t get any dirt because that could hurt your eyes.

– When handling contact lenses, do your best to avoid anything that could have bacteria or other dirt on it

– Try not do this when you’re very sleepy (since you most likely do this at mornings and nights when you’re naturally sleepy, you could wash your face with cold water to wake you up a little bit) because you could do it badly and accidentally hurt your eyes

Now the actual steps to inserting contact lenses:

1. Put the lens on your index finger open side up, then put a small amount of the solution meant for the contact lenses to the inner side of the contact.

2. Go in front of a mirror. Then turn your head a little bit to the right and keep looking at the mirror (so you’re looking on your left side). By looking your right eye in the mirror (actually the eye on the left side when looking at the mirror), the colored area is now in the inner corner of your right eye.

3. Use the index finger of the the hand which the contacts isn’t on to pull up your upper eyelid. Then use the middle finger of the where the contact is on to pull lower your lower eyelid to make it easier to insert it.

4. Now put the contact which should be on your index finger to the white area of your eye and then slide it to the colored part (you can at this point look straight at the mirror).

5. Blink couple of times so it feels good. After you blinked, some of that solution you put earlier on the contact should now come out your eye.

Then repeat those steps for your other contact (notice in step 2: do the same, but instead of looking at right, look at left). If it hurts after you put them on, you should take them off and check that they are clean, because even if you were careful, there could have accidentally gone some dirt on them.

After you have inserted the contacts, you probably want to take them off at some point too. Here you should also wash and dry your hands (washing face isn’t necessary) to make sure that your eyes won’t get any bacterias. Removing them will be much easier and faster to do than inserting them.

6. Use the middle finger of your hand (use the hand which feels easier to use) to pull your lower eyelid lower.

7. Using the same index finger and thumb of the hand (which you are using to pull the lower eyelid lower) to pull out the contact lens. Just press gently your index finger and thumb on the contact (do not press your eyeball) and pull it out.

Then repeat the steps for your other eye. This will become much easier and natural after doing this a few times even if it might now feel little uncomfortable. If you’re for some reason feeling irritation on your eyes, you should first wash them with water and if it still continues then you should go visit a doctor. Just remember to keep up your hygiene when doing this!

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