7 Tips for Handling Contact Lenses

Contacts are a good choice, particularly when eye glasses irritate you. People cannot tell you are wearing them unless you choose to tell them. Although the early products were uncomfortable and difficult to hold, today’s lenses are easier to deal with. If you are new to these products, remember these seven tips when handling yours in order to get the most out of your new eye wear.

1. Clean your Hands

The number one tip is and always will be that you should wash your hands well before touching your eye area or anything that goes into your eye. Occasionally, even when you believe your hands are clean, there will be traces of food or moisturizers on them. If you touch your eye or your lenses, you may be putting yourself at risk for infection. So, be sure to always make it a habit to wash your hands before putting your lenses in and before taking them out.

2. Reuse Is Risky

Another thing you must always remember is that you should never reuse your cleaning solution. What this means is that you should always empty the solution from your case after you put your lens in your eyes. This will keep the case cleaner and allow it to dry throughout the day while you are wearing. If you do reuse the solution for a few days, bacteria can grow in it. This can possibly damage your eyes.

3. Replace Your Case

Some wearers have no idea that you should replace your storage case at least every three months or sooner. This is an key rule when handling these helpful products. Consider keeping a few extra storage cases around your home, in case you forget to pick one up at your local pharmacy every three months. They are low-priced to replace, and when you keep your case too long, you are risking growth of bacteria.

4. Keep ’em Clean

Before you place them in your eyes and after you take them out, you should always clean them in the proper solution. This is exceptionally vital for good eyewear hygiene. When you go the extra mile to clean your lenses, they will last longer and feel more comfortable during normal wear. Even if you have a “no rub” saline solution, you should still make it a habit to rub with saline solution in order to remove any possible build up.

5. No Swimming

Swimming with your contacts in is a big no-no. Not only can the chemicals in the water ruin them, but it can also cause you to incur eye damage. You can experience serious eye diseases from swimming with them in that can even lead to blindness when not treated right away. So, be sure to always them out before hitting the beach, pool, or hot tub.

6. Makeup

Just because you wear corrective eyewear doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup too. But you do need to observe a few basic rules. Remember to always put them in prior to applying anything to your face, including moisturizer. Stick with eye shadow that is in cream form; it won’t flake off into your eye. Even though you can’t always see the tiny particles, the powder form will flake. Also, remember to be gentle with your eye area. Always remove your lenswear before removing eye makeup to avoid any injury to your eye.

7. Eye Drop by Drop

Intermittently there are times when you will need a little extra moisture in your eyes. Instead of reaching for normal eye drops however, users must only use lens-friendly solutions. There are specific eye drops made, so be sure to look for them at your local pharmacy store.

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