8 Pros And Cons Of Daily Wear Contact Lenses

Daily wear contact lenses are considered safe and are therefore extremely popular. Contact lenses that are meant to be worn and then disposed pose no problems of storage or cleaning. There are types that are thrown away at the end of each day and those that are to be worn for two to four weeks and then replaced. Daily wear contact lenses are supposed to feel just like a drop of water on your fingers and they are made of a water based polymer.

According to statistics over 80% of people who wear contact lenses wear soft lenses. These are comfortable and do not cause irritations. They fit well on the eye and are not dislodged even when playing any kind of sports. Daily wear contact lenses are usually worn either for just a day or for two to four weeks and then discarded. This way the contact lenses do not develop deposits or tears and they do not require elaborate sterilization procedures.

Soft or daily wear contact lenses are not to be worn while sleeping or when the eye is closed as this can cause damage and swelling of the cornea. In case the lens causes eye infections, redness, or itching the wearer must remove the lenses and consult a doctor. Eye infections from lenses can result in not just redness but pain, blurry vision, light-sensitivity, and sticky secretions. This could lead to serious problems if not treated immediately. So take the lenses out and see your doctor if you experience any signs of trouble.

Daily wear contact lenses have pros and cons just like everything else:

1. These contact lenses known as soft lenses or daily wear lenses allow oxygen to pass through and reach the cornea, so they provide great comfort.

2. They are light and made of materials that do not irritate the eyes.

3. They are available in a great variety of colors.

4. Since they are thrown away each day of within 2-4 weeks the problems arising from incorrect storage or insufficient sterilization do not occur.

5. Protein or lipid deposits do not occur as also fungal or bacterial growth. Since lenses are replaced either daily or frequently the eyes will be protected from allergies too.

6. Sadly they are not durable.

7. Can only be used to correct a few eye sight problems.

8. They are comparatively more expensive than long lasting contact lenses.

To be safe and sure always consult your eye care professional on what kind of lens will suit you best. Always compare costs as well aspects like comfort, durability, replacement schedules, and so on. The internet is full of articles and tips written by doctors who are specialists in eye care. And today one can also explore the option of purchasing contact lenses and other accessories online at rates that are lower than the marketplace

If you make a knowledgeable choice of which kind of contact lens to wear you will never have any problems.

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