Acuvue 2 – Acuvue’s Most Advanced Contact Lens

Acuvue 2 is one of the disposable contact lenses that Johnson and Johnson produces. The number 2 in the name refers to the using period of two weeks. Acuvue 2, with its top quality and excellence performance, now is a leading product among disposable contact lenses.

Acuvue 2 applies the most advanced technology to maintain moisture, helping prevent eyes from dry, and their usage about just 2 weeks reduces the possibility to suffer from various eye infections. What more, Acuvue 2 helps protect against the direct and reflected rays that pass through the cornea into your eyes, blocking UV radiations.

And that Acuvue 2 eliminates cleansing and storing ritual everyday and it is easy to put in and take out of your eye, and great for the first-time wearers.

Besides, things that make Acuvue 2 popular include also its innovation. Based on the feedback opinions from customers, Acuvue 2 has made relative improvements. For example, it is often criticized that disposable contact lenses are often hard to distinguish the right side from the wrong. Over this limitation, Acuvue 2 applies a marker on the lenses, helping the user to easily determine which the correct side is. In addition, Acuvue 2 has made improvements on the color of the lenses so as to make them more visible, thus to make their insertion into the eyes much easier. To meet different needs of different people, the manufacture makes lenses of various colors.

There is always a misconception among the mass that disposable contact lenses are costly. The fact is that if you have taken fees of chemicals and possible expenditure in eye infection treatments, you will find that using disposable contact lenses is able to help you save a great amount of money.