Acuvue Contact Lenses – There is One For You

Acuvue contact lenses are convenient and easy to use. They are comfortable which is a priority for contacts. The lenses are made with Hydraclear technology. This means that the lenses are always moist. They are not coated with moisture but it is a part of the lens itself. This makes them so comfortable you may not feel them at all.

The first ever disposable contact lens was created by Acuvue. These are designed to be so thin that they are oxygen permeable, 85 percent to close to 100 percent depending on which line you choose from. All the contacts have UV protection built in. They are able to block 82 percent of UV-A rays and 97 percent of UV-B rays.

They offer contacts for different vision issues or those who just want a new eye color. Astigmatism, allergies, near sightedness, far sightedness and Presbyopia are all considered. For your convenience each lens has a marker to let you know if it is inside out. Each one is also tinted so in case it is dropped it is easier to find.

They are inexpensive with the price ranging from 50 cents to 2 dollars a day in cost. You can wear them for seven days without removing them. They can also delivered directly to you with their subscription service. A three month supply will be delivered at a time, for one year.

The options for lenses are many. There are the Bifocal lenses that are made with five zones to allow clear vision near and far even in dim lighting. Acuvue 2 are basic lenses for those who are near or far sighted. All the contacts are able to worn for two weeks if removed and cleaned daily. If your doctor approves you can wear them overnight for six nights without removing them.

There are contacts for those who would like to enhance their eye color or just want to change it altogether. The contacts are available with prescription correction or without. There are ten colors to choose from. Three are enhancers to deepen the color of light eyes. The color blend with your eye color for a more natural look. These are also able to be worn overnight for six nights or worn daily with cleaning for two weeks.

The Advance line is available for astigmatism or with Hydraclear. The Oasys line has lenses for presbyopia, astigmatism, near and farsightedness. All are made with Hydraclear which will keep the contacts moist even in drying conditions. The presbyopia contacts are made with stereo precision technology. This gives clear vision near of far and even in dim light.

The lines of Acuvue contact lenses are made with customer comfort as priority. This is constantly being improved upon as well as the best way to correct vision with contacts. There is consistent research done being done so you are provided with the best technology available for your vision.

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