Acuvue Contact Lenses – You Can See Clearly

Acuvue contact lenses have been helping people see more clearly since 1988 when they set the standard for disposable contacts.

Since that time, Acuvue has continued to be a contact lens standard including the revolutionary Hydraclear lens first introduced with the Acuvue Advance in 2003.

With the Hydraclear Plus Brand of contact lens, the comfort and long wear capability of contacts took a quantum leap. The silicone gel used in the Hydraclear lenses keeps those that wear contacts daily from getting tired irritated eyes from the irritation of our environment.

The Acuvue Oasys, announced in 2005, continues the Hydraclear line.

The Acuvue 2 product is designed for a choice of daily wear cycles. This soft contact lens can be worn daily for two weeks or continuously for six days. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This Acuvue comes in living color. If you need to highlight your natural eye color, one of the ten vibrant colors is bound to do the job. However, if you are feeling like a change is in store, this contact lens will match your every mood.

If you don’t need any vision correction, you can get the clear version of these colorful soft lenses and surprise everyone.

Clear Up the Confusion

Acuvue has been the standard in the contact lens industry since 1988. The way they have maintained that position is through continuous research and advancement.

Not satisfied with providing quality disposable contacts to the masses, Acuvue has developed a contact lens for those with astigmatism.

They even have a line that is specifically tailored to each individual’s eye shape to help keep the lenses in place. For those who need bifocal correction, Acuvue has taken things three steps further.

Instead of two zones, the Acuvue multifocal lenses have five concentric zones, correcting vision both near and far.

In keeping with their credo, Acuvue first looks to the needs of everyone who wears one of their products.

If the customer isn’t satisfied, they will make it right.