Advantages of Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses do not affect the looks of the person wearing them and thus have a lot of aesthetic value. They give a lot of confidence to people with poor vision who otherwise have to wear glasses for vision correction. These days colored contact lenses are also available that change the color of the eyes. Some of them could make your eyes look like those of an animal or a ghost. Moreover, there are others that provide inbuilt ultraviolet protection.

While contact lenses work for everyone, they are more beneficial to those who are concerned in the field of sports, work in humid conditions or constantly have some kind of headgear on. You do not have to keep a record of your lenses as you move your head. However, with specs you will have Problems viewing things as you move your head.

Contact lenses are worn on the cornea and they provide a very normal vision. In case of glasses, the distance between the eye and glass can vary and thus may provide a view that is larger or smaller than the actual image. So such distortion of vision happens with contact lenses. Moreover, contact lenses are very comfortable and leave no marks on the nose. Also, they do not pose any problem of glare or reflection.

The vision provided by lenses is also broader then that of the spectacle. Since it’s always sticking to the pupil, looking through the lens becomes inevitable thus, providing for sight without borders. Glass frames end up obstructing the view to the sides thereby cutting down on visual parameters. With the lens, you can see all directions without hassle.

Rain, snow, fog or other external factors have no affect on the lens. However, your specs need cleaning even on the slightest of downpour. Also unlike glasses, contact lenses do not have any weight. They are probably the lightest thing on earth. You will not have to deal with any fitting problems that you face quite frequently with glasses.

For people that have undergone a cataract operation lately, lenses are a smarter choice due to the protection they offer for the eyes. Lenses also help folk with particular eye condition such as astigmatism or extreme short sightedness. Also, the accuracy of vision offered by the lens can’t be matched by 2 glasses.

To sum up, there’s so much that contact lenses offer you over glasses. They look good, are cosy to wear and offer you a suitable treatment. However, a disadvantage to lenses that it can be a small tricky to insert or remove them. But the issue will disappear as you become accustomed to these lenses.

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