Air Optix – Contact Lenses That Make You Happy

Anyone who wears contact lenses or who is familiar with the contact lens industry would know about Ciba Vision’s revolutionary brand, Air Optix. What’s exciting about these contact lenses is that these contacts are designed with the wearer’s complete ease and comfort in mind. The lenses are “breathable” – meaning that they allow the eye’s cornea to get up to five times more oxygen in comparison to other conventional lenses – thanks largely to the unique and revolutionary material these are made up of. This also means that the wearer does not need to worry about taking off his/her contacts before going to bed.

It’s common for conventional contact lens wearers to suffer from dryness related eye problems that could range from irritation in the eyes to redness and infection. Ciba Vision has designed their Air Optix contact lenses with this problem in mind as well. The surface of these revolutionary lenses is made up of more than thirty percent water and therefore provides a more moist surface. Let’s take a brief look at the four innovative products:

Air Optix Night and Day
These lenses are for those people who live a busy life and do not have enough time to mind their lenses and to take them off before they fall asleep. These lenses can be worn for up to thirty nights continuously and its Aqua moisture system ensures your eyes do not get dry and are not deprived of the oxygen they require.

Air Optix Aqua
The Aqua lenses also provide maximum breathability and the Aqua moisture system keeps the eyes safe from dryness. These lenses are also resistant to any and all forms of deposit build up on its surface, making it one of the most comfortable, eye-friendly and healthy lenses on the market.

Air Optix for Astigmatism
Astigmatism is an optical problem in which one is unable to properly and clearly focus on an object. Lens wearers who suffer from astigmatism generally report back with immense discomfort, dryness and a blurring of vision whenever the lens moves on the surface of the eye. However, this lens has been designed as a solution to this optical problem. Users will experience almost no irritation, redness, discomfort and blurriness coupled with a crisp and clear vision.

Air Optix Multifocal contact lenses
The Multifocal lenses are a dream come true for anyone suffering from Presbyopia (a fairly common optical problem in which the eyes have trouble focusing on intermediate and near objects). These lenses have been designed to help your eyes seamlessly change focus from one distance to another – driving, reading or working on the computer is no-longer a problem.

Dominic Donaldson is a published writer. Find out more about air optix and the services offered from Lenstore