Are Colored Contacts Very Different From Regular Ones?

Colored contact lenses are designed to change the color of your eyes, either enhancing its natural tones with a slightly tinted lens or changing it dramatically with an opaque one. They are very similar to regular contact lenses, but they are painted on the area that covers the iris, the colored ring around the eye’s pupil. Many colored contacts are available in plano form, or without any prescription, and can be used by people with perfect vision who want to change their eye color.

Can I See Through Colored Contact Lenses?

Fashion contacts have a central area that is not painted, so you can see through them but sometimes they can move on your eye and make your vision blurry. Be careful if you are driving with colored contact lenses on, specially if they are old or it’s night time, as your peripheral vision may be slightly affected. Some costume and sclera contacts used for theater are totally opaque and you won’t be able to see through them, but they are not designed to be worn outdoors.

How Often Can This Kind Of Contacts Be Used?

High quality colored contacts are exactly like their prescription counterparts, and can be used to change the color of your eyes every day, as long as you replace them as per your optician instructions. Crazy lenses, such as those sporting smileys, glow in the dark contact lenses and other costume lenses are usually harder on the eyes and should be used less often to avoid irritation, specially if you work on environments with smoke or high A/C.

Taking Care Of Colored Contacts

If you already wear prescription contacts you’ll find the cleaning and maintenance routine for your colored lenses is exactly the same. Many fashion contact lenses are designed to be used for a limited period of time after opening the vial containing them, and this can range from a month to three months, provided they are cleaned and stored properly.

Do I Need To See An Optician?

Even if you have perfect vision, it’s advisable to visit your optician and get a prescription before buying your new pair of colored contacts. The reason is two-fold: Not all lenses fit all eyes and you will need to learn how to put them on your eyes and remove them without damaging your eyes. Your optician will also show you how to store them so you can use them until their designed expiry date without risking eye infections.

Not all color contact lenses are designed to change your eye color. Glow in the dark contact lenses are very popular for parties and raves, while sclera contact lenses can be the perfect accessory for your Halloween party. Those types of contacts are usually more difficult to find and may require some time to get used to them, but the result is a truly unique look that can really turn heads.