Are Your Contact Lenses Really Safe to Use?

Contact lenses are getting more popular lately with prices getting cheaper, and younger people wanting to look good without their spectacles. There are also a lot more variety to choose from, from fun floral patterned lenses to colored lenses that change the natural colors of your eyes. Contact lens are also convenient to use, and is most suitable for those sport enthusiasts.

However, are you aware that your contact lenses could be dangerous to your eyes? The most common problem is the contamination that comes from unclean lens. Bacteria could reach your lenses, and breed their colonies, wreaking havoc on the health of your eyes. You can possibly get eye ulcers that damages your cornea, causing you lots of pain and medical fees.

What are the steps to ensure safe use of contact lenses? 3 main areas that you have to look out for. Ensure that the solution you use is certified safe to clean your lenses with, and is faraway from the expiry date. Next, ensure that you clean your lenses storage cases regularly as well. Finally, ensure that you clean your hands and fingers before you handle the lens.

Contact lenses are artificial tools to correct your vision, and is expensive to maintain over time. I have long since thrown out my prescribed eye wear after experimenting on natural means to correct my vision acuity.

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