Astigmatism Contact Lens – New and Exciting

It has only been recently that a person with astigmatism has been able to wear contact lenses. Astigmatism is a condition of the eye where the pupil of the eye itself is not round. The eye is more oval shaped, more like an egg or if you can imagine the shape of a football. Contact lenses had always been made only in the round shape which did not fit the needs, and there were no astigmatism contact lenses.

Due to the wonders of medical science, an astigmatism lens was developed, much to the delight of many people who have astigmatism. People have flocked to their specialists to see if indeed they are now candidates for these new contact lenses. To the delight of many, they are eligible to now wear contacts.

The astigmatism contact lens is a uniquely formed contact lens. In appearance, it still looks like the traditional round lens that has been worn for years. However, when studied closely under a microscope, one can see that the lens has three to four layers, or gentle changes in the grading of the lens. This is what is making the allowance for the astigmatism. As the eye looks a little to the left or right, and goes over that oblong curvature, the optics of the contact lens is able to make allowance for that change.

Imagine a pair of bifocal glasses without the lines. As your eye moves from looking straight to looking down, the glasses accommodate for necessary change in vision. There are no clear lines to mark when the change occurs, but the eye automatically knows that it is seeing what it needs to see. In the case of the astigmatism contact lens, whether the eye looks left, right, up, or down, it needs to see something differently. Now because of the optics specialists and researchers, the contact lens accommodates for that change without any noticeable change.

In regular glasses, correction for astigmatism has been happening for years is the way the glass is constructed, and the special curvature is made. Now imagine taking that same process and applying it to a very small, thin piece of contact lens, and it is pretty amazing that this can be done. In the case of astigmatism contact lens and other contact lens, the sky is the limit as research continues. Who knows what will be available in ten or so years.

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