Aviator Sunglasses – For Masses and Classes

Unlike other fads, the popularity of Aviator sunglasses soared with time. The evergreen look offered by these fashion masterpieces is something that has never ceased to impress the modern men and women. Almost every designer house routinely comes out with a unique combination of colors of lenses and frames enveloping the aviator look. And invariably, almost every such design catches the fancy of both masses and classes alike.

Be it Tom Cruise from Top Gun, or any other celebrity walking down the aisle in annual Cannes Film festival, and for that matter everyone walking down the alley, at some time in their life, has tried the big aviators at least once. So, what’s attracting both masses and classes to the designer aviator sunglasses?

Originally designed by Ray Ban in 1936 for men having military background, aviators have caught the fancy of women celebrities as well, as they help them hide their faces while in public. While men have found class in aviator shades, women simply swoon over their retro looks. If you look at their protection-quotient, aviator sunglasses are perhaps the best of the lot. The harmful UV rays from the sun not just damage the eyes, but also the sensitive skin beneath the eyes. But with their large frames, aviator sunnies give ample protection to both the eyes and under-eye area on the face.

If you are a fashion conscious male, aviators will give you the looks of movie star. However, aviators look best if your face is oval shaped because a small round face will look a bit out of place with aviator sunshades.

If you are a fashionista, aviator sunglasses will keep your style intact apart from giving you a ‘faceless’ popularity, which is very much desirable for style icon, like you.

However, before you zero-in on the sunshades, here are some quick tips to help you in your purchase.

The frame of your aviators should complement your face. For instance, women can easily flaunt both pink and black colored frames, but men need to be extra careful while selecting only ‘manly’ colors. Similarly, you’ll have trademarked-design frames by different designer houses. Just try theses out to find out which one complements your face the most. The lens color is another important consideration that can’t be ignored by men and women alike.

But the most important factor that is decisive in your choice of aviator sunglasses is the cost factor. Cheap designer sunshades are difficult to find, but if you are short on cash, always look out for cheap aviator sunglasses on the Internet. They may be quality replicas, but offer tremendous bargain for their asking price.