Benefits of Contact Lenses – What Other People Are Not Telling You About These

If you have impaired vision and your ophthalmologist has prescribed you to wear glasses, do not despair or worry about your changing looks with an additional gadget visible on our face. The best alternatives available are contact lenses.

Those people, who are required to use high powered glasses due to very weak eye sight, totally lose their personality as their eyes appear magnified to those who look at them. This gives a very strange appearance to the person and in youth, especially girls, the entire personality is shattered, in most of the cases such youths become the laughing stalks of their group. This has a much bigger psychological impact on the youth which is more traumatic than the imparity itself.

Glasses have their problems besides changing your looks and appearance, as there is a problem called spectacle scotoma. Spectacle scotoma is actually a depression in vision or a blind spot in your field of vision created due to the edge of your spectacle’s frame. This can be dangerous especially when driving and quickly glancing in your side view mirror. If the approaching traffic falls on your blind spot the chances are that you will cause an accident. When using contact lenses, there are no such depressions in your vision; that would reduce or restrict your field of vision.

Yet another problem that occurs when you use glasses with large difference in the vision in both the eyes is of adjusting your sight to the magnification. This problem is totally diminished when you replace your glasses with contact lenses.

Changing over from glasses to contacts is always a pleasant experience, which will not just clear your vision but is most likely to improve your prospective of viewing the world around you, giving you more confidence and a better personality without any blind spots interfering in life.

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