Best Mountain Sunglasses

No matter what glasses you are looking for, their most important part is the lens. It depends on the lens how clear we would see, how bright, are they going to last long, and what the sunglasses price would be.

The materials for lenses could be different. They could be made out of glass. It is a well known material which gives a clear vision and they are not so easy to scratch. The shortcomings are the fragility and the big price. Lenses could also be made of polycarbonate. They are cheaper than these made out of glass and they usually last longer. NXT polyurethane lens material combines all the good properties of the previous materials but it is way too expensive. Acrylic lenses are cheap but they could blur your vision and that could be irritating.

Lens color is also very important and you have to choose it depending on what you are going to use them for.

Which color is good for ski sports?

The most suitable for ski, snowboard and etc. is the yellow or the golden lens. It can provide great protection from reflections and can increase the contrast if the brightness is not good. If you are going to drive through the mountain, you should choose pink or red lenses. The world looks better with pink glasses but this is not the reason for choosing them here. Pink and yellow lenses increase the contrast of blue and green backgrounds.

If you are going to just have a walk in the mountain in the winter you need a good protection from the reflections. Here brown, green or grey lenses will help. They darken the light but do not change the colors of the objects. Mirror lenses are also good for the mountain because they reflect back the reflection of the light.

Some sunglasses have options for changing the lenses. So if you need sunglasses for different cases you may need to spend some more money and make sure that you have sunglasses for every day.

What frame to choose?

You shouldn’t belittle the importance of choosing the right frames because the durability of the sunglasses depends on it. Frames should also be convenient if used for a long time. Metal frames are expensive but you can adapt them to the shape of your face. Other disadvantage is that they can be easily warmed or cooled. So don’t choose them if you are going to use your sunglasses in very cold or very hot weather. Nylon frames are cheap and usually last longer than the metal frames. Aceate and Zyl – they are very expensive but are not very stable and you should not choose them for winter.

You should choose your sunglasses carefully because they will be protecting the most important sensory organ. They should look good on you but also they should be very comfortable to wear. So don’t hesitate to give more money for something that is important for your vision.