Best Places to Buy Acuvue Contact Lenses

There are a lot of places to buy contact lenses both online and in physical stores. Acuvue has a large distribution network setup for their contact lenses, so it may be hard for customers to find the best place around to purchase their products. We have narrowed down the options to the places we think are the best and most well respected places to by your Acuvue products.

One great place to get Acuvue products is where they offer one of the largest contact selections available online. Don’t worry about paying for shipping and handling costs because right now they are shipping all web orders over $50 for free! They also have an unbeatable price guarantee that would be worth taking a look into. If you don’t need your contact lenses right away then I suggest heading on over to this website and browsing their current Acuvue selection.

The only downside about ordering online is that you have to wait for your order to arrive at home, so if you need your Acuvue contact lenses right away then this might not be the best option for you. Instead you might want to consider heading on over to your local Lens Crafters store. Lens Crafters is one of the biggest and most well respected contact lens distributors with physical locations that you can visit. You can often find them located in your local mall. Another great thing about going to a Lens Crafters store is that you can talk to an eye specialist if you are thinking about switching to a different Acuvue lens.

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