Bifocal Contact Lens – Are You Ready?

Do those glasses make you look old and boring? Are you tired of looking the same no matter how good you are dressed? Or are you spectacles giving people an impression that you do not want to give? Its time to move on to lenses.

Let’s find out a few things about bifocal lenses before you get started. Bifocal lenses are used by people suffering from an aliment called “Presbyopia”. People suffering from this have to hold reading material far from them in order to read properly. Bifocal lenses work like bifocal glasses which have two powers on one lens.

Bifocal lenses are available in different colors and specifications. They are also available as disposables which you can change daily, weekly or monthly depending upon your convenience. They are available in rigid as well as soft permeable materials. You can also get bifocal lenses in various colors and make that lasting impression on people around you and experiment with your looks.

Also with the kind of technology we have nowadays, Astigmatism is no longer a problem that people wearing contact lenses may face. So you can be free of that issue as well.

However always be careful about where you buy your bifocal contact lenses from. Only trust prescribed stores and medical outlets. And be sure to consult your physician before you switch over from your specs to contact lenses of any kind.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the cleaning of your lenses. It is very important that you buy a good lens cleaner and clean them daily.

One thing you should know before switching over to bifocal lenses is that they may not suit everyone. And the results vary from person to person as the eye needs time to adjust to the different powers of the lens. However even in this case you can go ahead wearing contact lenses if your doctor suggests mono-vision. In mono-vision you wear lenses of different powers in your eyes. One lens is to correct the distance vision and another lens to correct the near vision.

So go ahead move on in your life and get rid of those old boring glasses and try out something new.

Vaughn Balchunas helps you set your sight on bifocal contact lenses