Blue Contact Lenses – Useful Tips to Make the Right Choice

Learn how to choose the best blue contact lenses to improve your vision and super boost your appearance. Blue contacts are the best selling colored contacts for brown eyes. They come in many types and shades to meet your cosmetic requirement as well as corrective requirements. Like all other color tint contact lenses, the blues ones come in three categories.

Visibility tint blue contacts are lightly tinted to make it easy to find it when you drop it. It will not change your eye color significantly. Enhancement tint lenses have a solid color. They are translucent and cover the iris. This type of contacts changes the color of your eyes for the purpose of enhancing your natural eye color. It works best for light colored eyes. In order to change the dark eyes to blue, you need to go for the opaque color tinted lenses. The colored areas of the opaques are non-transparent except for the center spots where your pupils are located.

Blue contact lenses are made of hydrogel. It is a soft hydrophilic, “water-loving” plastic. Hydrogels are designed to absorb water to keep the lens moist and comfortable to wear. The water content in hydrogels ranges from 38% to 75%. The higher the water content, the thicker the lens.

Some people like to wear thicker lenses, while some prefer thinner lenses. It’s important to understand your preference so that you do not rub your eyes or blink excessively to prevent the lenses from moving around on your eyes.

Blue Contact Lenses – Read this Before You Go Shopping

Since the process of tinting blue contact lenses increases the production costs, the enhancement tints and the opaques cost more than the other transparent or lightly tinted contact lenses. It is recommended to obtain your contacts from an eye doctor even if you do not need eyesight correction. Contact lenses are made of different materials and have different base curve and diameters. The eye doctor can help you to find a pair of fitting contacts so that they will fit firmly. Fitting lenses do not shift easily in your eyes. They cover the colored part of your eyes accurately and you do not feel discomfort. The eye doctor will also assess the health of your eyes and provide you advice based on your age and lifestyle. Extended wear contacts will be recommended if you sleep with your contacts in. The eye doctor will help you to select from various brands of lenses to meet your specific needs.

After you have obtained the prescription of your blue contact lenses from the eye doctor, you can also request for trial lenses to help you further verify your choice. It is risky to opt for cheap colored contacts for dark eyes online without consulting an eye doctor. It is important to take care of the hygiene of your lenses. Cleanse and store your lenses in clean lens case to minimize exposure to germs and dirt. In case you experience discomfort while using your lenses, stop wearing them at once and check with your eye doctor. Be sure to maintain your eyes safety when you are using your blue contact lenses.

Thelma is an eyewear stylist who provide consultation and reviews on colored contacts. She is currently organising road shows to promote color contacts for dark eyes in South East Asia.