Boston Contact Lens – What You Should Really Know on How to Remove a Stuck Lens

For some people, the thought of using contact lenses and having their fingers in such close proximity to their eyes is more than enough to make them balk at the idea, and this an issue that plagues all of the brand names be it Boston Contact Lens or its rivals. There is no denying that when inserting contact lenses into the eyes, a degree of caution and care must be exercised, so as to ensure that no damage is actually caused to the eye. For example, it is an excellent idea to trim your fingernails, so as to prevent the possibility of you scratching your retina with them, as you insert your contact lenses into the eyes themselves.

The eyes are such a delicate part of our body, but that said, so long as basic safety precautions are taken, then no harm should arise, however a problem that all contact lenses wearers dread is the possibility of a contact lens getting stuck in the eye.

Whilst causing more discomfort than actual danger, for many contact lenses wearers, it can be extremely difficult to resist giving into panic and so this makes what would under normal circumstances a relatively straightforward task, into a unnecessarily difficult one.

If you do find that a contact lens has got stuck in your eye, the most important thing you can do is remain calm. Make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly (to prevent any dirt and grit entering the eyes) and make sure you lean over a sink with the plug firmly secured.

This way, should the contact lens happen to slip out your eye, then you can easily collect it. The last thing you want is for your Boston Contact Lens to go down the drain!

If you are wearing the hard kind of contact lenses, then why not try using a plunger to pry the lens from your eye? This is undoubtedly a highly unusual method of retrieving a stuck contact lens, but it works remarkably well!

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