Boston Contact Lenses – What You Should Know About This Eye Product

Boston Contact Lenses have created a niche for themselves in the world of gas permeable lenses. These provide stunning visual clarity with an unparalleled comfort. The lenses are available in a variety of designs and materials to suit your needs.

The designs have in common a patented material that is permeable to oxygen. This allows your eyes to breathe and keep eye fatigue and dryness at bay. They also have a patented smooth surface design due to which debris and dirt are unable to build on the lens.

These lenses are the most recommended lenses in the GP category. The best part is that each pair is custom made to fit the natural shape of your eye. This guarantees comfort and ease of use for wearers of all ages.

Some varieties of this brand that have become extremely popular with users are ES, Envision, II, 7 and IV. The ES contact lenses are formulated especially for daily use. The lenses are custom made using a huge variety of base designs and precision prescription instruments.

These lenses use the AERCOR lens architecture and cutting edge lens materials to offer comfort and clarity. The Boston II contact lenses are also very popular and have almost the same specifications as the ES range.

The Envision range has been the first choice for astigmatic lenses for a considerable time. The fact that these lenses are made keeping your unique measurements in mind helps increase user friendliness and comfort. The lenses can be molded in a wide range of designs for differing forms of vision defects.

The lenses have a unique back surface design and a wide optic zone that increases your field of vision dramatically. The 7 series was designed to overcome the drawbacks on the earlier ranges described above.

These lenses are balanced and have improved impact resistance and oxygen diffusion properties making them even more comfortable for daily use. These lenses use innovations in polymer design to offer the right blend of materials to help increase oxygen permeability.

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