Buy Cheap Contact Lenses But Watch For This

The only reasons not to buy cheap contact lenses are the possible hidden charges. Have you thought about that? What may look like big savings may be no savings at all. If the hidden charges aren’t a problem, buying discount contacts is the way to go.

Shipping costs may be a killer. That and handling charges are the only real issues that might make ordering contacts more expensive than buying from your eye doctor. Sometimes if you buy in larger quantities, the shipping charges may not be very significant anyway. If shipping isn’t too expensive, here are other advantages to buying the discount contact lens.

Typically the cost of contacts at your eye doctor is the retail cost. Order online and you can often get a 25 percent discount. How much is that? Well, depending on the contacts you choose, that may save you $200 or more per year. It adds up. But there’s more…

Local contact lense sellers can’t stock nearly all the lenses there are. For example, if you have a strong prescription, like I do, the contact lens place will likely have to order the lens anyway. They won’t be in stock. You wait for them to come in and then you have to make another trip to pick them up. What a hassle.

See, order them online and the lenses will be in stock and you’ll have them just as fast as if you ordered locally. Why, I’ve seen local contact lens places hold the orders for nearly a week before they even ordered. So there you sit for nearly two weeks waiting on replacement lenses. Order online and you likely have your lenses in 3 or 4 days.

Watch for shipping and handling costs when you attempt to buy cheap contact lenses. If the shipping isn’t too high, you can save money, time and hassle by ordering your contacts online. Often the local contact place won’t stock the lenses you need anyway. Might as well order them easily yourself and save several ways.

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