Buy Contact Lenses Direct and Save Time and Money Too

You can buy contacts at your local eye doctor’s office, but that office gets lenses from somewhere. Do you know that you can buy contact lens direct and just bypass the local place where you get contacts? You can and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

If you’ve noticed, often the contacts your eye doctor prescribes for you are not in stock. You must wait while they are ordered and must schedule a time to pick them up. Why is that? Here’s why…

There are so many different styles and brands, that the local office chooses to just stock certain contacts. There’s more. Contacts come is many, many different sizes and shapes. That’s because people have all kinds of sizes and shapes to eyes. It takes a huge inventory to stock all the variations available in contacts. That’s not even mentioning astigmatism contacts and color contacts and all the other types of lenses.

Now once you have your prescription, you’re free to buy wherever you want. Here’s what you can do. You can buy online or buy contacts by mail. Here’s how that helps you. The online stores or contacts places that offer mail order will stock what you need. That’s their advantage… big inventories. So you’re going to get your lenses fast and you get them right at home without going anywhere. No extra trips to the eye doctor, just check the mail and there you go.

The other thing is you save money. You’re basically buying wholesale from a place with low overhead and high sales volume. You get the advantage of that volume and low overhead in lower prices.

Buy contact lenses direct and you can actually save time and money. You save time by not having to make multiple trips to the eye doctor to pick up contacts. You save money since you’re buying from somebody who sells big volumes of lenses.

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