Buying Black Contact Lenses? How to Avoid 2 Common and Potentially Serious Mistakes

People seem to love Black Contact Lenses, however, they do not seem to know how to buy them properly. After you have read this article, you will be able to avoid the listed mistakes, and buy the right black lens for your needs and effect.

Mistake #1– They do not buy the right kind:

Most people just go to the costume shop, or order them online, asking for just black color lenses. They do not take the time to even check to see what kind of lenses they are.

There are 3 different kinds of black lenses you should be aware of:

•some that cover the entire eye (except the whites)
•others that cover just the iris, leaving the white and pupil uncovered
•there is also a special lens that is referred to as the sclera lens, as it covers the entire eye, including pupil, iris, and whites.
Mistake #2– They try to wear the lenses all the time:

They buy the black lenses and then go around wearing them night and day.

This could be pretty dangerous and unhealthy at the same time, as the black lenses act as dark shades, and can limit your visibility in the same way. However, they do not protect you against the sun, just darken what you are seeing.

So when you wear black lenses, do not drive, and try not to wear them at night. However, if you do plan on wearing them at night or in dark areas, for trick or treating, a costume party, or just a night on the town, then just be aware of the limits they may create for your vision and be extra cautious of your surroundings.

Now that you have read this article about Black Contact Lenses, you will be able to avoid these 2 mistakes when buying your own pair of black lenses. The main points to remember are, buy the right kind for the effect you are going for, and take the necessary precautions when wearing them in dark places, as they limit your visibility.

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