Can You Buy a Contact Lens With No Prescription?

In most cases, places that sell contact lenses can’t sell a contact lens no prescription. That may seem a little strange, especially if you want color contacts and have perfect eye sight. Even if you could buy contacts without seeing an eye doctor, it may be a very bad idea. See your vision is precious and you don’t want to risk losing it.

The risk you face is cornea damage from a contact that doesn’t fit properly. Contact lenses aren’t all the same size and shape. You need lenses that fit your eyes so they will work for you. The lens is designed to float on a layer of tears. If a lens is the wrong size or shape, you can get irritation on your eye.

That’s an irritation that makes for an uncomfortable fit on your eye as well as a possible injury to an eye. Either problem is a problem you don’t need. Getting that lens fit just right is what an eye doctor will help you with. That’s why even if you have perfect vision, you should see an eye doctor before you get any contact lenses.

Once you get that prescription for contacts, you’re ready to get the lenses. You may want to get the first set from your eye doctor. Why? The doctor will examine the lens fit on your eyes to make sure the fit is correct. After that, you can get that prescription and take it anywhere you like. You really have some options then to save money with discount contacts.

Consider buying online and you can save more than you might think. You’ll get the exact same contacts you get at a local optical place, you just save money. If you’ll notice, even if you buy contacts at a local place, the contacts places don’t usually have your lenses in stock anyway. Why? Simple. There are so many styles, brands and sizes, one contacts outlet won’t try to stock everything. To save money, they keep inventory low and just order when they need to restock. You wait.

But you can order online and you’ll get fast shipment since the online suppliers do keep the contacts on hand and ready to go. That’s why they can stay in business. They ship fast and save you money.

Buying contact lenses with no prescription is usually not possible. It wouldn’t be a great idea even if you could. You want a lens that fits just right or you risk eye injury and all kinds of complications.

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