Caring For Your Contact Lens

Not all contact lenses are the same, thus, every type has its own way of maintaining it. There are various lens care products available in the market, and using it is always different from one another. Soft contact lenses for example, have a different method in cleaning from gas porous lenses.

A contact lens care system is a set of cleaning and disinfecting materials that are recommended to the kind of contact lens that is prescribed for the eyes. Each prescription is in accordance with your lifestyle, and will determine what type is right for you.

Some people have the idea of mixing cleaning solutions, to save money, but then they end up with infected eyes. Various problems like scratched corneas, and distorted contact are common problems on this mistake. You should keep in mind that, each cleaning solution has its own way of using it, and you should not mix it with the others, because most of them are of not the same formulas.

It is advised by the professionals to have a contact lens care plan with everyday when to help you in placing and removing your own contact lens. Example of taking care of your own lens is to clean your hands through washing and drying your hands meticulously in taking the lenses out from the eyes. Another example of cleaning contact lens is to place the contacts in the palm of your hand when handling them. Then squeeze several drops of the cleaning solution to your palm, avoid direct spray on the surface of the contact lens.

Some cleaning method suggests that you have to rub lens with both sides in the solution in a back and fourth motion. Some may need contact lenses directly dropped with solution on its lens and rub by the skin between forefinger and thumb for twenty to thirty seconds to remove all dirt and other unseen particles.

Other cleaning method removes protein deposit on the lens through enzyme cleaning solutions. However, you have to consult your professional with this step, to ensure you health and vision that it will not be affected by the chemical process.

How you keep your contact lens is a big part of taking care of it. Contact lenses should be dry out every night, after that, all you have to do is clean and rinse it before wearing it again. Plain water can not really clean it effectively, simply because it can not penetrate the lenses the way the solution does.

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