Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Keeping your contact clean and sterile is an important part of looking after your lenses and your eyes. The best idea is to clean them each day after you take them out. Your eye care practitioner would be able to give you a care regime to allow you to know how to care for the specific type of lens that you use.

Here are some important tips which will assist in the maintenance of your contacts.

1.Before touching any contact lenses ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly and are dried with a lint free towel. This will ensure that you don’t transfer grit to your lenses.
2.Once you remove the contact lens from your eye you need to gently rub the lens surface with specially designed cleaners. This will remove contaminants from the lens which would lead to infection or a decrease in the life span of your contact lens.
3.Once you have cleaned the contact lens, rinse it with the appropriate solution for your contact lens type. These days most contact lens solutions are multi action, meaning they are suitable for all your cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storage needs.
4.Make sure that you store your lens in a clean storage case and cover with the solution to keep it moist. Secure the lids to the case to store it safely.
Other important information for you to consider

1.You should not wear your contact lenses for longer than they are recommended to be worn for as this can impair your vision and cause damage to the health of your eyes.
2.After taking your lenses out of their cases throw away any unused solution and allow the case to stand with the lids off so they are able to air dry. This prevents bacteria build up in the case.Your contact lens cases should be replaced with every new purchase of solution or every three months, whichever comes first.
3.Don’t wear your contact lenses should you have any problems with your eyes. If you experience any discomfort, redness, vision changes etc whilst wearing your contact lenses remove your contact lenses immediately and contact your eye care professional.
4.If swimming while wearing your contacts ensure to wear goggles, however if your contact lenses do become exposed to chlorine ensure that you clean the contact lenses immediately afterward.
If you look after your contact lenses then you will get a much better life span out of them and your eyes will feel good.

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