Cheap Colored Contact Lenses – A Fresh New Look

These are modern times now, we no longer need to wear glasses all the time, and can go for contact lenses or even surgery in some cases, but this is really not a new thing. What might be news for you is that you can change the color of you eye as well, or even give it different shapes and sizes where imagination is really the limit.

Why would i want to change the look of my eyes?

Do you go to the hair salon to get a new hair cut/style? Do you like to shop and wear new types of clothes that you would not normally wear? This is really about trying something new, we are all humans, and no human likes to look the same way all the time, and do the same thing everyday, it is just part of us.

So why not change your eye style, it may seem like a taboo now, but trust me everyday more and more people are doing this, it does sound expensive, but it is a lot cheaper than you think; on a personal note i categorize this as some sort of makeup, if you see it that way you will have no problems applying it to your lifestyle.

Just think of the possibilities, did you ever wonder how you would look like with a different colored eye, or even a mix of colors, i know it sounds tempting because it just is.

But i don’t even need glasses or contacts, my eye sight is fine, can i still try this?

Sure you can, there are two types of colored contacts, the ones that require prescription and can be graduated to fit your needs, and the ones that require no prescription; these last ones include all of the fantasy contacts as-well. If you have poor eyesight or have a 20/20, you can wear colored and fantasy contacts, no issue whatsoever, just keep in mind that some fantasy contacts, are really not meant to be used for long periods of time, mainly due to their shape and size.

Tell me more about the different colored contact lenses?

I like to split them into three categories:
– Color Enhancers
– Color Replacements
– Fantasy/Crazy

The Color Enhancers are usually mono-colored and blend you natural color with the color of the contact, these are a good colored contact for someone who just wants a subtle change in their look and as natural as possible.

The Color Replacements can be mono or dual toned, and they will replace your original color, depending on the one you choose the look can be more or less natural, but generally speaking these are still not extreme, as they are available in regular eye color combination. Having these in mind, my favorites are the dual toned, because they blend two colors and that just makes your eyes pop instantly. This type of lens with cause some stares, and friends will definitely notice that you have something different.

Finally we have the Fantasy and Crazy contacts, and this is a really extensive category, just think of different eye styles that you see in the movies: vampires, cats, monsters, blind, mirrored, deep red, opaque… these are all available as fantasy contacts. These i think should really only be used in parties and of course Halloween, but if you want the real extreme in crazy contacts, have a look at the sclera lenses, these are nothing more than lenses that cover the whole eye (including the sclera, and not just the iris), they really put out a scare.

So that’s it really, you can once again have a look at a hub I wrote a while ago on this same matter, and check out the pictures that just speak louder than words Cheap Colored Contact Lenses.

If you do plan on buying them, there are lots and lots of websites than sell them, even ebay and amazon do it, i like to order mine from cococontacts, they even handed out a coupon code that gives 10% Off, DRM97SCMTRU you can use it if you like, also I think they still ship lenses for free on orders above 99$, but i cannot really confirm that as I haven’t ordered in a while.