Cheap Contact Lenses – Finding The Perfect Contact Lens Sale

You have decided to buy contact lenses; it is no doubt a good idea to present a gift to your precious eyes. But before going to search for contact lens, it will be better to get a prescription from a reputed eye specialist. If you are buying contact lenses with the idea of vision correction then your doctor should perform some eye test before prescribing you contact lenses. If your idea of wearing contact lenses is just for fun then your doctor has nothing to do special. To minimize chances of irritation and scratching, he will just check your eyes and prescribe you contact lens. After visiting doctor, you can buy contact lenses from several different places.

Specialty stores and Doctors Office:

Doctor’s office is the first place where you can buy your pair of contact lens. However, this is not the right place, if you are looking for very cheap and discounted contact lenses. Doctor’s offices at times usually hike up the price to get little profit. So make a search outside doctor’s office.

The Discount Stores

Discount stores like Sam’s Club, Costco and Wal-Mart are also good places to search cheap and quality contact lenses. All three stores mentioned here offer a vision department. Here you can pick out your glasses and order contact lenses. Contact lenses are cheaper, as they buy in bulk and that’s why they can afford to offer you comparatively cheaper prices.

Online Sources and Phone Sources

Phone sources and online are best sources to buy anything cheap. It will be better to visit the manufacturer’s website Acuvue and Freshlook. There are also several other websites that take orders for contact lenses. You can even place your order at 1-800-CONTACTS. All the above mentioned sources provide you with cheap and good quality contact lens. Some online contact lens retailers offer free shipping, but most of them do require a valid prescription.

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