Cheap Contact Lenses – Frequently Asked Questions

A cheap contact lens purchase may get you contacts easier than you would think. All while saving more than just money. Here are questions that arise.

Are Cheap Contacts Safe?

The lenses you get through a discount site online are exactly like what you get locally and are exactly what the prescription calls for. They aren’t seconds or inferior in any way. It’s just what your eye doctors specifies.

Do I Need A Prescription?

You must have a current prescription, but once it is on file with the contacts store you will not need to send it in each time you order. Get your eyes checked. Get a copy of the prescription and you can buy wherever you choose to.

How Much Can I Save?

The savings vary and especially depends on how many lenses you buy. The savings could add to a few hundred dollars a year. Just be sure to comparison shop. Shipping could negate any savings so watch out for the cost of shipping.

How Do I Get The Lenses?

Contacts come right to your mail box. Often eye doctors will not stock contacts. It’s impossible for small local shops to carry every possible lens. That means the local store orders your lenses and you wait for them to arrive and then back you go to pick them up. Why not just skip all that and get the lenses sent right to you? You can.

Is It A Big Hassle?

The online contacts stores must eliminate the hassle to stay in business. The hardest part of ordering contacts is getting the prescription to the contacts place. That can be eliminated by just furnishing the contacts store with the eye doctor’s phone number. They take care of the rest.

Cheap contacts lens purchase may be easier than you think. By ordering online you may eliminate quite a bit of waiting and you may save some money too. It’s worth a look if you buy contacts.

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