Cheap Contact Lenses – How to Get the Best Deals Online

Online stores selling cheap contact lenses are popular for consumers who would prefer the convenience of shopping without leaving their homes. It is so much easier to visit online stores and simply fill up an order form with details of your prescription. Websites offering contact lenses can do so at much cheaper prices than brick and mortar eye centers, because it does not cost as much to run their business. There are no expensive advertising to pay, no rent nor expensive labor cost.

The lenses industry is a competitive market in the United States, which services about 13% of the American population or about 35 million Americans. The industry just ballooned out after the disposable soft lens came out in the market and due to the competitiveness of this market, contact lens sellers try to offer various discounts and promotions to get their share of the market.

That’s a plus for the consumer on search for cheap contact lenses! However, when you buy discount contact lenses online, try to do so, on the basis of the following:

1. Online Store Credibility
If it is your first time to buy contact lenses online, do not just purchased based on the price being offered on online stores. Just like when you’re buying any other thing on the internet, you want to be dealing with a reputable company that has a good performance record. Check the reviews written by customers regarding price, quality of items and customer service.

2. Stock Availability
Since most of these online stores only contact the manufacturer after they have received your order, your contact lens requirement may not always be filled right away. Ask if your prescription can be filled, and when can your lenses be delivered the soonest. Remember not to dispose of your contact lenses until you finally got your replacement, or better yet, keep an extra pair handy all the time.

3. Sales Discounts and Promos
Some online stores offer from 15-25% discounts off the usual price, so do your research first before you buy. Make sure, though that you understand the terms of the promo, especially the shipping and handling charges, and that you are indeed getting a good discount, as compared with the prices of contact lenses sold in your local eye center. Some of these online stores use promo codes, so make sure that the code you’re using has not expired and can really be used for the type of contact lens you need.

4. Delivery Time
Prompt delivery is also important so make sure that the contact lens online store you are dealing with really does deliver orders on time. The usual advantage of buying from an online store is that it saves you a trip to your local eye center, but consider also if the time saved is worth it in terms of cost and the time you would have to wait before your contact lenses are delivered.

5. Product Quality
Most contact lens online stores are retailers of well known brands like Acuvue. However, make sure that the ones delivered to you do fit your prescription and do not fall below the standard quality you expect from these brands.

It is smart to buy from online stores for cheap contact lenses, but consider the above criteria before you do so. Make sure that your prescription is up to date and to consult your ophthalmologist in case you feel some discomfort from your contact lenses.

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