Choose the Right Eye Contact Lenses

Nowadays we have many kind of lenses available in the market which vary corresponding to the requires of the individuals. They include disposable, flexible wear, extended wear, and gas permeable and contacts for special demands. Thin finely crafted plastic discs designed to fit the cornea of the eye are more helpful than the eye glasses as the contact lenses allow better vision.

For the individuals who prefer to wear contact lens for the first time, here are some types of lenses and guidelines must be follow.

Types of Lenses:

Soft lenses:Contact lens

Disposable lenses:

Disposable lens are for the individuals who don’t have time to do everyday care and cleansing to their contacts. You can select either a daily disposable one or that which will last for a week or two. Daily disposable ones do not need disinfecting and cleaning solutions. These are available for different eye types, and also in color if you opt to use a color less for a while. Consult the optometrist for the exact brand.

Yearly soft contact lenses:

They last for a year. Made of soft material, which help oxygen transmittance, this helps in preventing drying of the eyes. Once these are removed after wear they require careful cleansing, disinfecting and storage.

Gas Permeable/ Rigid gas permeable/ Oxygen permeable lens

Gas permeables allow excellent clearness of vision, durability and transmit more oxygen to the eye than the soft lenses. They are easier to clean and last up to a year. But GPs have their own fault. Individuals require} some time to adjust wearing these lenses as they are made of hard material. They are made of semi- rigid material that don’t contain water. Synergy Eyes lens have overcome this deficiency by combines a GP center with soft outer ring, thus allowing a comfort and visual acuteness.

Flexible and Extended wear contacts:

These are particularly designed for individuals who prefer to wear the lens continuously and don’t like to put them in and take them out several times a day. You can even sleep with these lenses. They are made of material that provide more oxygen to reach your eye’s cornea. You can apply them without removal for successive seven days.

Torics for astigmatism:

They allow the same level of comfort and clarity vision. What makes them unique is they help in correct astigmatism. Astigmatism according to encyclopaedia is the inability of the cornea to properly focusing an image onto retina, therefore leading a blurred image. Torics are available in both GP and soft lenses. They are designed to stay in the same place even as being worn.

Cosmetic Lens:

There are 4 types of colored contact lenses: visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light-filtering tints. The right power value is in the center of the colored lens. Cosmetic or colored lens follow the same cleansing regime. Many of these lenses are available without visible correction. Cylindrical lenses are not available in color formatting.

About 40 million individuals wear contact lenses only in USA. It has won many clients who are affected by visual troubles. Contacts can be safe, fun and useful than your eyeglasses, but it requires its own care and has many principles to follow.

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