Circle Contact Lenses – Illegal in the USA and Dangerous

Bette Davis’ mesmerizing eyes were immortalized in songs and we’ve all heard about them. Now Lady Gaga, in her “Bad Romance” video is going for the same round mesmerizing eyes that are also made famous by animated characters of a Japanese genre named “Anime”. Unlike Bette Davis’ natural eyes or Lady Gaga’s computer generated eyes, regular girls are achieving this look by using circle contact lenses.

This popular exaggerated look from Asia is creating the latest fashion trend in the USA. In the name of fashion, lots of young girls are rushing to buy these contact lenses despite not being sold legally in this country. They can be purchased on-line for mere $20 USD and they are the must have look of lots of young American girls. With different patterns and colors, these lenses that are covering a part of the eye whites making the pupils larger and giving the eyes a cartoonish look. Make up artists and fashion websites are fueling this trend by promoting this doe-eyed look trend ans stating that a lot of celebrities are also using them.

But are these circle lenses safe to use? It seems like not. Doctors are warning that like with any type of contact lens, wearing these lenses for prolonged periods of time could potentially lead to infections and even loss of vision. Also, because they can not be purchased legally in the USA, they can’t be sized properly like a set of prescription contact lenses would be. If they do not fit properly, they can scratch on the cornea which can lead to vision problems.

Despite the warnings, a lot of young girls are using them on a daily basis and even collect and trade them.

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