Color Contacts – How to Use Theatrical Contact Lens

Believe it or not, color contacts like those worn by actors in horror movies and suspense films can actually be bought and worn by everyday people who just want to look different on occasion, or for special times like Halloween. Yes, now you can actually spook your family and friends with glowing green eyes like the Incredible Hulk wore. These color contacts are known as theatrical contact lenses and you must have a prescription to buy them.

Since 2005 Federal law mandates that any type of color contacts are considered medical devices, and require a person to see an eye care professional for an eye exam and to obtain a valid prescription from the eye care professional before being able to purchase any contact lenses. These mandates apply whether the contacts you want are color contacts or not. The mandates also apply whether you are trying to buy your contacts in a store or online. If purchasing online, you will usually need to fax your prescription to the vendor that you are buying from. Any reputable seller will require you to prove that you have a prescription. Your eyes are too important a resource to deal with sellers that will take your money and sell you color contacts over the counter with no prescription. Do not buy any type of contact lenses from flea markets, online with no prescription, or in a store that will sell to you over the counter. The FDA has strict guidelines for contact lenses, and you will want to make sure that the ones you buy and put into your eyes are safe.

Be sure that you know how to take care of your eyes and your color contacts once you get them. Consult your eye care professional for advice on the safe insertion and removal of your contact lenses. Always wash your hands before inserting, removing or handling your contact lenses. Use only the lens disinfecting instructions recommended by your eye care professional. Don’t start out by taking word of mouth advice from friends and family. Never use tap water on your lenses. Never share your lenses with anyone, no matter how much your friends beg you to lend them your blue eyes. This can lead to infection and the spread of disease. Never sleep with your lenses on. Have a special container in the bathroom or by your bed to keep your lenses safe. Wear them only the number of hours recommended by your eye care professional. Have your eyes examined every year. Do not wear theatrical contact lenses while driving a car or other motorized vehicle. If you experience any unusual redness, blurriness, discomfort, excessive itching or pain, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional.

If you’re into Gothic or Emo, you’ll probably want to have a pair of theatrical color contacts. You’ll make a statement, that’s for sure, whether everyone understands that statement or not. Wear them anytime you feel like getting into that alter ego. Always great for Halloween, especially if you’re dressing up as a Vampire or Wolf Man.

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