Color Contacts Need a Prescription As Well

The good news is that even you don’t have vision problems you can wear non prescription color contact lenses which offer an easy and natural looking way to change your eye color depending on how you want to change your look. Color contact lenses, including cosmetic contact lenses, provide you many choices to fresh your look. You can choose the color of your contacts according to your most dressing color or your hair color. In holidays or festivals, you can wear kinds of crazy looks, ranging from the look of a cat to a ghost, for fun.

However, while you are entertaining the fun and benefit color contact lenses bring to you, you should be aware that even non prescription color contact lenses require you to see an eye doctor to have an eye check, because those contacts, like common contacts, ride on the tear layer on your eyes. The direct touch may make your eyes inflamed. In addition, eyeballs of different people vary, so does the size and shape of different contact lenses, therefore, you must have an eye check to know your eyeball size so that you can find the right contacts for your eyes.

Do not neglect the eye examination for fear the trouble, actually, what you need is just a quick eye check, from which you eye condition, like the size of your eyeballs, and your cornea condition, etc.. can be determined. Less than 10 minutes will just be taken. Once you get that check-up, you can just change out eye colors as often as you want.

Therefore, when you go to some stores where the retailer tell you that he or she can sell you color contacts with no prescription, you should take a second thought about whether to buy his or her contacts or not. Our suggestion is never to buy color contacts without prescription. You should be responsible to the precious the God endow to you—–your eyes.