Color Eye Contacts – Maintenance Tips

Color eye contacts, whether soft or hard, are typically made of different kinds of polymers. These polymers contain some variant of silicone hydro gel. Earlier, PMMA was used to make the hard lenses, but now with the rapid advancements in technology, RGP (rigid gas-permeable) polymers have replaced PMMA. However, the most advanced types use none of these. Instead, hydrophilic materials are used. Because of their water-absorbing property, they also allow oxygen to access the cornea. That is the reason why they are also very comfortable lenses to wear.

Use A Proper Case

No matter which variety you buy, there are certain maintenance tips that you must follow. For example, you should always store your lenses in a case when you are not using them. In fact, it is much better if you use a case with screw-down lids. This way, the solution won’t leak. What is more, if you have multiple pair of lenses, you should label each case accordingly. Alternatively, you can use different colors of cases for different pieces.

Keep Your Case Clean

Just using a case is also not enough for the proper maintenance of your color eye contacts. Maintenance of the cases is also important. In order to keep it dust and bacteria free, you should wash it properly and then put it in boiled water for a few minutes. After that, you can take it out and let it dry. Now, you can put your lenses back in the case. You are strongly recommended to do this at least once a week.

In fact, in order to ensure optimum protection, you are also advisable to keep an extra case with you. This case should be filled with solution. This way, even if you are on your way somewhere and dust gets into your eyes, all you have to do is just to pop your lenses out and put them the solution-filled case. Keeping this extra case can also be very useful just in case the color eye contacts fold in your eye.

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