Colored and Tinted Contact Lenses – What You Should Know About This Eye Product

You might want to give yourself a cool makeover with a pair of colored contact lenses. There is a stunning range of colored and tinted contact lenses to choose from. You can make an excellent impression if you choose the right shade that suits your skin tone, wardrobe and personality. There are some basic things you should know about these lenses, so here goes.

The colored contact lenses can be one of three varieties: visibility tints, tints for enhancement and opaque color tints. Each has a particular requirement and purpose, so you should know what they are before deciding on the pair that suits you the best.

You will also have to check what sort of lens power you need if you already have a visual problem. Nowadays colored and tinted lenses come in varieties that can be used by astigmatic as well as those who need multifocals. You also get these lenses in regimens like daily disposables and monthly replacements.

A visibility tint does not affect the color of your eye at all. This tint has been incorporated into your lens so that you can spot it easily. This makes it easy to find the lens during insertion and removal of the lens from your eye.

Most lens manufacturers give a light blue tint to the lenses that can be easily spotted in the eye and in your lens case. If you go in for an enhancement tint, you have an almost transparent colored lens. This gives light colored eyes a brighter sparkle.

You can make your eye color more intense using these. The last variety is the color tint. These are opaque and cover the colored part of the eye. They give your eye a definitive color and are usually used by people who have dark eye colors.

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