Colored Contact Lens – How to Handle Them?

Contact lenses are now enhanced with colors producing colored lenses. This type of lenses can actually make you look better. Due to this fact, I do not see a reason why this type of lenses is not widely used. However, there are a lot of people who do not know how to handle their lenses with care. The method of handling your lenses is actually simple, but many people do not follow the proper method. Even a simple step is skipped, you might cause your eyes being infected and irritated.

To take good care of your lenses, you will need a multi-purpose solution. In the older days, you need a cleaner to clean your lenses and saline solution to store them. But with multi-purpose solution, it performs both the duties simultaneously. Hence, the best solution to cleanse your lenses is the multipurpose and no-rub solution. This type of solution will remove proteins that can damage your eyes and also disinfect your lenses. In addition to that, you need to check if the solution is appropriate for soft lenses. If you colored glasses are soft lenses, you cannot simply purchase one as different solutions have different formulation for certain specific one.

Now, the most important part is to clean your colored lenses properly. The initial step in cleaning your lenses will be ensuring that your hands are thoroughly washed and dry. Then, wash your lenses one by one by taking each out and rinse them with the solution. At this step, you need to make sure that every side of your lens is rinsed with solution. Next, load your lens case with fresh solution and they are supposed to be soaked for at least 6 hours. Lastly, before wearing your lenses again, rinse them with clean solution again. By following these steps, you will experience clean and infection plus irritation can be prevented.

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