Colored Contact Lenses – A Fun Way to Change Up Your Look

There are plenty of obvious reasons why it is a good idea to wear contacts. Unlike glasses, they have better peripheral vision, won’t fog up when you come inside out of the cold, and you can go swimming in them.

When most people get contacts it is because they want to change their look. But they don’t want to look different by adding something; they just want to eliminate the need to wear glasses. But today there are even more ways you can change up your appearance with colored contacts.

Your eyes are the root element to your whole overall appearance. There are colored contacts out there that create effects that range from the subtle to the dramatic. If you have light colored eyes you can get lenses that offer a soft color change, or you can get lenses that will make even the darkest eyes look entirely different.

Or maybe you really want to push the limits? There are colored contacts out there that are great for Halloween, or just to liven up an otherwise boring day. Here are a few examples of colored contacts that will have your eyes looking great.

Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers

These contacts are specifically made for people who have naturally lighter eye color. They will do wonders to enhance your natural color or to change it completely.

The great thing about Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers is that these lenses aren’t just for people with impaired vision. Even those with perfect 20/20 sight can get a non-prescription version of these lenses. Each box comes with six lenses and they are available in green, blue, or aqua.

Expressions Accents

The last thing you want when you are walking down the street is for someone to notice your and say, “Oh, those are really nice contact lenses.” You want them to notice your eyes, not your lenses.

That is why Expressions Accents contact lenses use a technically advanced tinting process that makes the change look so natural people won’t even notice. CooperVision also makes these contacts so comfortable that you probably won’t notice you are wearing them either.

These contacts are disposable and will last for up to a month as long as you clean and store them properly. They are made to alter the eye color of people with naturally light eyes to begin with. Color options include green, aqua, violet, and blue.

Expressions Colors

Not everyone has eyes with a naturally light color though. For those people there are Expressions colors. These contacts will dramatically alter the color of even the darkest eyes.

The great thing about these contacts is the wide variety of colors available. You can buy Expressions Colors monthly disposables in blue, blue topaz, aqua, brown, hazel, jade, green, or grey.

It is always a pleasure to see someone who goes a little nuts and matches every little thing in their outfit. Sometimes, however, people go way overboard and try to dye their hair to match their clothes. That is a little much. But when you wear colored contacts to match your outfit, they will look so natural that people will think you picked out your clothes to match your eyes and not the other way around.

Natural Touch Opaque Single Vial

Natural Touch Opaques are another great contact that is designed to change the color of the darkest eyes. They are available in colors that include Hazel, Sophisticated Blue, Willow Green, Aqua Seas, Baby Blue, and Sultry Gray.

As mentioned above, one of the fun things about wearing colored contacts is using that dramatic color to match with your outfit. However, matching isn’t the only way to coordinate your colors.

Do you know what a color wheel is? Get one! You know how redheads like to wear green and somehow that brings out their natural hair color? That is because red and green are opposite on the color wheel. That is color theory.

Color theory can be fun when you are wearing Natural Touch Opaques because of how dramatic they make your eyes look. Like if you were wearing the Baby Blue contacts, they would go beautifully with a bright yellow sundress. Play around with different options. The possibilities are endless!

Freshlook Toric Colorblends

Thanks to advancements in contact lens technology, there are now affordable colored contacts available for people with astigmatism. These amazing contacts will do a three-in-one job by correcting your vision, accounting for your astigmatism, AND beautifully change your eye color.

These one to two week disposables come in a package of six. They are available in shades of Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Honey, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire, and Turquoise.

Many people believe that your eyes are like windows to your soul. Whether you believe that or not, it is obvious that looking in someone’s eyes can reveal a lot about them. Colored contacts don’t seek to change that. If your eyes are windows, then colored contacts are the curtains. The view is still the same.

Joanna Gomez is a freelance writer who writes about health, eye care and specific products such as Acuvue Oasys.