Colored Contact Lenses – Achieve Stylish Eyes With Corrected Vision

Colored contact lenses are not only used to change your eye color. In fact, they solve two purposes. Besides making your eyes stylish, they also correct your vision. That is the reason why majority of people who have to use lenses prefer the colored ones. The cutting edge technology that they use enables them to provide you a different, yet a very natural look.

Two Different Types To Choose From

There are two choices available to you when it comes to lenses. You can either go for the augmentation type or the opaque ones. The augmentation ones are semi-transparent because of which they enhance the natural shade of your eyes. They are also commonly known as enhancement tints. On the other hand, if you want to completely change your eye-color, you should consider buying the opaque ones. For example, if you have dark eyes, you can give it a very different and more attractive look by wearing opaque lenses. Overall, both the types work well with iris color.

The colored contact lenses can also be categorized as hard and soft. If you want to reuse it again and again, the soft contacts make the best option for you because the hard ones are not reusable. However, majority of these products do not come with any set vision correction. Therefore, if you have eyesight problem, you must specially place an order for the same. In this case, you will obviously have to show the doctor’s prescription. However, if you are buying them only to achieve a new look you not need furnish any prescription. That is the reason why they sometimes are also called non-prescription lenses.

The colored contact lenses with vision correction are mostly of disposable type. However, here again, you have different varieties to choose from, such as monthly, weekly, or daily disposable. Overall, they are great fun accessories, which you can use to enhance the look of your eyes – something to suit your mood, outfit, or even makeup.

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