Colored Contact Lenses Can Change Your Looks – Is it Really True Or a Myth?

It is always great to get a different look once in a while. Some do it by changing their hair style or color, while others change the way they dress. This gives them a new look. Yet another and most fascinating way is to change your eye color.

Your eyes are considered windows to your personality. Changing your eye color will not just give you a new look but all together a new personality. This can be done with the use of colored contact lens.

There is a large variety of colored lenses which can transform you slightly to extensively, totally depending upon your desire. You can change your eye color just by a shade or make them from blue to brown or even make you look like an alien or give your eyes a metallic look.

The colored contact lenses are designed in such a way that you eyes appear to look of a different color but it does not change the color of your view as they are clear at the point falling in front of your pupils.

In many countries world over, including USA, colored lenses are not sold without the prescription of a medical practitioner. This is just to insure that your eyes will not be adversely affected with their use. Sometimes these lenses cause irritation to the eye, which should not be taken lightly and you should immediately discontinue its use and consult a doctor.

You must remember that your colored contact lenses are prescribed to fit you, so don’t go around sharing them with friends or exchanging colors as it might cause eye infection to you or to your friend.

Another point to remember is that, like the ordinary lenses, your colored contact lenses need to be cleaned, washed, protected and disinfected. Your negligence can cause you harm instead of having fun with it.

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