Colored Contact Lenses For Quick Makeover

Wearing colored contact lenses is always a fashion that has never gone out of date. Colored contacts are fast becoming popular fashion accessories. Select the right color of your lenses to brighten your look and make your look more fashionable. Selection criteria is based on the color of your eyes, the kind of change that you want, whether dramatic or slight change, both comfort and look, prices, brands etc. The colored lenses are changing the way people think about their signature “look”. These can be worn even if you have perfect vision but you still require a prescription from an eye care professional.

What styles you prefer?

•Change Eye Color: This completely change the color of the eye and these are called “opaques”.
•Enhance Eye Color: You can enhance your eye color, which gives a subtle effect. There is a change in your look with enhanced eye colors but people are not sure what it is.
•Brighten Eye Color: Such contact lenses give your eye color vibrancy, intensity, sparkle or shimmer to the eye color, as per your choices.
•Protect Eyes from Sun Damage: There are few who wear contact lenses both for style and as well as to protect from UV radiation.

How to choose colored contact lenses?

You need to ask yourself: what style do you want? You want to be bold and dramatic, then you can opt for the following colors:

•Light eyes try color enhancers
•Dark eyes try a brightener
•Try a pearlescent tint
•Try Sparkles, with gold fleck

On the other hand, if want just a change with a subtle and sophisticated look, you can opt for the following:

•Blue eyes try gray or green
•Brown eyes try amber or violet
•Try a blended tint

Of course there is no end of colors. Follow your heart and choose what you want but make sure you look good with those colored lenses.

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