Colored Contact Lenses – What They Are and How to Use Them

It is a sad reflection of the world and society that we live in that so many of us are so deeply unhappy with our personal appearance and body image. Sometimes this is based on genuine concerns, perhaps an ever increasing waistline can prompt us to go on a diet.

Sadly though, for the majority of situations the flaws are imperceptible and merely perceived rather than actual and many of us resort to drastic measures (such as surgery) in a doomed attempt to resolve these issues.

Many of us get extremely frustrated due to the aspects of our appearance that we cannot change such as our height but thankfully, our eye colors (whilst being pre-determined in our genes) can be readily changed thanks to colored contact lenses.

For less than a few dollars a lens, you can adopt a whole different persona and look, and say hello to a brand new you!

In this capitalist society that we live in, to quote that classic maxim: “you get what you pay for.”
Have you ever seen someone who was wearing colored contact lenses and thought to yourself how noticeable they were?

The really cheap lenses are not only cheap on the pocket but on the eye too and they look really fake. If you want something a little more realistic and natural looking then you may have to opt for the more pricey models instead.

The problem with the cheap models of colored contact lenses is that they are a colored lens which is then placed directly over the iris to mask the original color. The more costly models however help to alter the color by reflecting light away from the eye, and thus creating an optical illusion of a different color.

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