Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contacts lenses are specialized contacts that are not specifically used for correcting any eye problem. They are primarily used for cosmetic purposes. Many of them do not correct vision and are used to change the color of a person’s eyes, but some colored contact lenses are available for those who need vision correction while enriching their looks.

Contact lenses can be used to enhance the color of the eyes. Existing blue or green colored eyes can be enhanced dramatically by using these lenses. To completely change the eye color, the color-tinted contacts can be used. Though colored contacts do not have a lot of impact on people with intense black or brown eyes, people with light colored eyes would find these to their advantage. Color tinted contacts come in a wide range of colors and are an excellent choice for a short-term change in eye color if the original color gets boring after a while. Some of the more dramatic colors are amethyst and violet. Most of these lenses have a clear center part so that the pupil does not have any problems while the color around the pupil is enhanced subtly.

Popular among the extreme range of cosmetic lenses are the opaque colored lenses. They come in a variety of designs and colors and are mostly used by actors. Lenses that are designed to look like cheetahs or aliens are gaining in popularity.

Latest in the colored contacts range are the light filtering contacts that enhance specific colors like yellow, white, and off-white. These lenses are used during sports like golf when the ball needs to be tracked, or by audience in a tennis match where the ball needs to be kept track off against the background.

It is advised to consult a physician for the correct fitting lenses before buying colored lenses even though they can be bought over the counter in many optical stores. This is to ensure there would be no complications by the usage of the colored lenses later on in the future. Also, colored contacts must be taken care of in the same way as the regular contact lenses.

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