Coloured Contact Lenses – An Introduction

Coloured contact lenses are available to change the natural colour of our eyes and are used mainly as fun accessories. These contacts change the basic colour of our iris and hence can be used to match our mood, outfit, make-up or an occasion. These lenses are available as opaque colours or as enhancement tints.

The colour enhancement contact lenses, enhance the natural colour of the iris. These vary from covering the entire iris with a chosen tint to enhancing the colour in the corner of the iris with a tint, leaving the center with the natural colour. The opaque coloured contact lenses cover the entire iris with a specified colour expect for the pupil, changing the entire colour of the eye.

The vision correction contact lenses prescribed by the ophthalmologist can be coloured contacts as well. For those who are looking out to accessorize the eyes, these are available as non-prescription contact lenses.

Our natural eye colour is based on the colour of our iris, which gives the colour to our eye. Coloured contact lenses, feature their tint on the portion that covers the iris, while leaving the center that sits on the pupil clear. These lenses are available in solid colours as well as patterned colours. Usually dark colours comes solid and those light colours like light blue, hazel and light green come with patterns in the iris.

The quality of the coloured contacts can be determined by how natural they look on the eye. The more natural it looks, the more expensive it is. These coloured lenses are available in price ranges starting from $29.95 a pair.

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