Common Contact Lens Questions

A lot of people have contact lens questions. Even people who have been using them for a while have questions but especially first time users or wannabe users. I’ve used them for a very long time, over 2 decades I think, and here are some very common questions and answers too.

Many people want to k now if you need a prescription, and the answer is yes. Just like with most glasses you need one. Eyes have different shapes and concerns, and it’s not necessarily as simple as slapping in a pair that makes you see well. Not only is it required by law but also by common sense.

Some dryness may occur when wearing your contacts. Can you put eye drops in while wearing them? The answer is yes, but a guarded yes. First of all read the directions and warnings. Although some drops may be fine not all are necessarily. Also, excessive dryness may be a symptom of something else. If in doubt ask your eye doctor.

Can you cause damage when putting them in your eyes or when removing them? The short answer is to be very very careful and never be rough on your eyes as they are very sensitive. With normal precautions and gentleness, you shouldn’t have any issues, but of course be very careful!

I’m worn my contacts forever and couldn’t imagine life without them. I hate having to worry about losing or breaking glasses. If you are considering them, talk to your eye doctor and be ready for a break in period and then probably for a life without glasses!

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