Comparison Between Replica And Branded Sunglasses

Making the scene at the exclusive summer community with multimillion dollar beach cottages presents an obvious choice–buy the best designer and latest style. But when spending the summer slumming it at a relatives fishing shack the choice is most certainly going to be one of economy. Not cheap necessarily (since glare control is preferred for water sports) but rather the best buy for the purpose. For those of us who don’t have the luxury of time to spend at either, the third option–driving sunglasses– is imperative.

What advantages, if any, are there to those expensive designer or heavily advertised brands? At first glance it seems foolish to spend many times more than necessary for something that is frequently lost or falls in to the lake somewhere. On closer examination of the materials, workmanship and even optics it becomes more evident why the costly sunglasses are selling at all. With so many other things vying for the consumer’s hard earned money, these just seem like another expense.

Not so though: clear vision is worth every penny invested. All too often it is the case that the patient isn’t even aware of gradually eroding vision until the damage is done. In the case of sunglasses the damage to be avoided is cataracts. These are a direct result of over exposure to UV rays over a long period of time. No one is even able to notice it happening until the eyesight is hopelessly clouded and surgery is needed to restore clear vision.

Most sunglasses will go part of the way toward prevention but only the very good brands are top notch at this. Wear any kind of sunglasses for the short run but as soon as the budget allows a greater expense–then buy the better sunglasses. After the investment is made in the most expensive sunglasses then guard them as any other high end investment purchase. Use a soft cloth to clean them and store them in a hard case when not in use. Furthermore, use an eyeglasses chain or cord to secured them better when engaged in sports, fishing or activities.Fashion is important to most people. No one wants to wear something that doesn’t reflect our inner selves.