Contact Lens – A Sense of Confidence

There are several reasons that make people use contact lenses. However, most commonly these are used for convenience because these require less maintenance, care and cleaning on daily basis. Moreover, many people feel glasses awkward on their faces and they feel more comfortable and confident while using lenses.

These are divided into many groups depending upon their convenience and use. For example some lenses are replaced on daily basis. Whereas, some are replaced weekly or monthly. Extended lenses can be worn at any time while sleep or you are awake. Toric and Multi-Focal lenses are mostly used by patients with sight disorders. Moreover, these contact lenses are also used as fashion accessory and available in many colors to enhance natural color of your eye. Normally, soft lenses are used because these are easy to handle. On the other hand hard ones do exist but mostly used by patients.

It is better to insert a lens with great care and if you feel it difficult then consult an optician who may guide you in a better way. Always care your lenses properly otherwise these may hurt your eyes. Clean and rinse these with proper lens solution. Never let it in open air. Soak it properly in the solution to prevent any infection. Never use water to clean, wash and store your lens because water may disinfect the lenses.

It is not healthy to use contact lenses for a long time continuously because these may harm the eye. Generally, it is recommended that use these lenses for 10 to 12 hours and not more than that because the eyes do not receive enough oxygen. However, type of lens is also very important. Some lenses are permanent and can be used for a long time. In this case it is important to understand and carefully consider all the guidelines while purchasing and using a lens.

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